What exactly is Golf4Fun?
Golf4Fun is a social golf network for business people, professionals, and individuals interested in networking, socializing and travel. The platform is suitable for anyone wanting to learn golf, improve their game or just socialize and network, even if they have never played golf before or have no equipment yet.
What is Golf4Fun Getaways?
Golf4Fun Getaways is a leisure experience designed to enable business people to network while they explore exotic tourism and golfing destinations. This unique experience created for both non-golfers and experienced golfers with a passion for travel and networking. A fully managed weekend programme featuring lifestyle aspects which includes fine dining, socializing and tourism.
Do I have to be a golfer to come?
Non golfers (socialites) are welcome to come and enjoy our mobile spa, game of putting and even learn how to play golf if interested.
What can I wear?
Every event has a theme that you can dress for depending on the event. Or dress as close to golf wear as possible (Something comfortable)
Can I drive my own car to the Getaway?
Yes that is entirely optional.
Do I need to bring my own Golf clubs?
We do have Golf clubs available for rental at R50 a set
Can I bring my children?
A: We don’t particularly have kids’ entertainment, however they are welcome to come
Are we allowed to bring our own cooler boxes, or we supposed to buy from the venue?
No cooler boxes allowed. There will be food and drinks sold at the venue courtesy of Café 28
I’m interested in learning how to play Golf, where do I start?
We have a Pro Golfer available for quick one on one intro to Golf at our events
What if I don’t own a business but aspire to, can I still come and network?
Yes absolutely! The whole experience is designed to build network and grow business


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