Getting Over the Holiday Blues: Back to the Beach Social Event…

Golf4Fun Socials invites you to beat the post-holiday blues and reconnect your perspective as you embark on ticking off your bucket list for the new year. We are happy to celebrate the good tidings of the new season and poise ourselves for the new year take off.

Themed Back to the Beach, the social event is inspired by the warmth and brightness of the Caribbean colours, a day to be donned in colours of happiness, good spirits and high energies and enjoy a fun filled assortment of activities designed to calm the mind and lift your spirits, all these in the effort to kick back new year’s goals into gear mode.

This is the first series of the monthly held social events that bring together friends, business associates, entrepreneurs, business start-ups of all kinds, family and even lovers. All in a day’s work, connections are made, networks built, ideas given a perspective shift and careers expanded in new ways.

Held at Inaanda Greens Golf Course, Golf4Fun Socials exploit the ample environment golf courses and resorts create and transforms them into ideal networking hubs, consequently integrating spectacular business and fun lifestyle events held throughout the year. “Golf4Fun Socials has evolved into a powerful connection venture. We have witnessed ideas blossom into successful businesses, brought together business people, music enthusiasts, lovers, fashionistas, and family at large. There’s power in numbers.” Says Themba Nobanda, Co-founder Golf4Fun.

Experiences are in bounty. Good taste music is right up there with good personality and good conversation, and The Live Connection Experience comes in solely for this, to serve up-close and personal live music experiences.

The Deal Table provides for mind shifting insights from other likeminded business people and professionals, enabling guests to meet and enlarge their deal flow connections that could spark a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The irresistible Spa Treatments is another must have experience at the social events, where guests enjoy relaxing free body massages by Eva Nel Wellness Spa Other activities to anticipate for include fashion photography, free golf lessons, comedy, fashion exhibitions among many more seasonal specials.

Ticket prices range from R250 online, R350 gate and R500 VIP. Please visit the brand’s website for discounted booking options: We wish you a prosperous 2018!